3 Important Things to Know Before You Ship a Car to Another State

Interstate car shipping by road is a huge possibility throughout the United States. Of course, this is except for Hawaii, which is not part of the continental US. Just so you know, car shipping by road to or from Alaska from any part of the US (except for Hawaii) is also possible.

This is even though such would require the trouble of driving through Canadian territory. Furthermore, there is the option of ferrying from Bellingham, WA. For more information about this, you can check:

The possibility of auto shipping by road across most parts of the country informs the growth of the country’s interstate auto shipping industry. Many consumers have benefitted from using these services but this is provided they are well aware of certain things. Some of these things and important ones would be disclosed here.

A Guide for Interstate Vehicle Shipping

Some people have had terrible experiences using auto shipping services. By and large, there are two possible reasons for this. The first is engaging the wrong company and the second is ignorance of how to properly use auto shipping services.

The second is more important because it greatly eliminates the chances of engaging the wrong company in this line of business. To this end, discussed below are some things to know before you engage car shipping companies for interstate vehicle transportation:

Research Options

There are reputable as well as disreputable companies in this line of business. Of course, the goal is to only engage reputable options. However, you need to put in the work to make this happen, which suggests doing the following:

  • Finding out the options that offer auto transport services to your desired location – Be certain that the options offer the actual services rather than operating in a middleman capacity
  • Verifying credibility – The credentials, licenses, and insurance status of examined companies have to be verified. This is especially true because some options lie about things like this
  • Compare options – By and large, the verification process helps you identify reputable companies. However, you would still need to compare several reputable options to discover which is best for you. Comparing quotes is one of the most important things to do in this regard
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All three of the aforementioned steps need to be implemented. When the need to ship a car to another state arises, this significantly increases your chances of identifying and choosing the right company for the task. So, make sure you put in the effort.

Choose Shipping Method

Primarily, there are two ways your vehicle can be shipped to your requested location – Open or enclosed trailer transport. Both options have their highs and lows. As a result, the decision to choose between these two options should be based on your understanding of their advantages and downsides.

For example, one is a lot cheaper and that is the open trailer option. On the other hand, the enclosed trailer auto transport option is a lot more discreet and protective of vehicles. The point being established here is the need to make a very informed decision before choosing a shipping method.

Vehicle Preparation

Successful interstate auto transportation requires a joint effort. In simpler terms, both service provider and client would have to play their part in making the whole thing a success. Speaking of what the client is expected to do, there is more to be done than merely paying for the rendered service.

Vehicle preparation is one of the critical tasks that should be performed by the client. Vehicle preparation in this context involves:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the vehicle
  • Thorough vehicle inspection – This is to be certain that there are no pre-existing damages
  • Documentation – The vehicle’s current state needs to be thoroughly documented. It is strongly recommended that photos and even videos are taken for this reason
  • Removal of valuables – This is particularly important because most auto transport companies have a no-personal-belonging coverage policy
  • Ensuring that the vehicle is in a state where it is not likely to be damaged during shipment
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Furthermore, it is also about making the charge as cost-effective as possible. For example, the vehicle’s weight is partly a determinant of the cost of shipping it to the requested destination. For this reason, removing things such as roof racks and reducing gas & fluid levels can help in this regard. You can click here for more expert opinions on vehicle preparation before car shipping.


This article has been more focused on what to know about what to do before having your vehicle shipped by an auto shipping company. Well, there are also things to know about what to do after your vehicle has gotten to the requested location.

One such is checking for possible damages before closing the deal with the company. It is important you are well aware of these things and that they are taken seriously. So, bear this in mind going forward.

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