6 Tips to Save Your Senses

 As you age, you face a lot of challenges regarding your health. It may not be a possible thing to reverse the process of aging but you can take precautionary measures ahead of time to maintain good health. We are blessed with five sense organs that are important to keep our life in order, and to perform all the activities of life.

Losing any of your senses may have a serious damaging impact on your health. Losing a sense would not only impair your particular ability but also deteriorate your chances of performing all activities of life healthily. Difficulty maintaining good mental health is a serious consequence of losing any sense. 

Saving your senses can be within reach if you follow the tips given in the article. 

1. Ensure Periodic Health Examination 

As we age, it becomes necessary to maintain regular check-ups as it is important to diagnose any issues as soon as possible to avoid any detrimental effects in the future. Staying in constant touch with the right practitioner can assist you in figuring out any alarming change in sensory loss. While in case of hearing issues hearing aids toronto can help you out. 

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Most of the health issues are a result of poor diet. Poor diet can also lead to a decline in sensory abilities. It has been observed that issues like cataracts along with macular degeneration can happen due to the intake of a diet that lacks important antioxidants and vitamins. 

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The habit of drinking and smoking can also damage your overall health. Smoking has been said to be associated with wreaking havoc on smell and taste senses. 

3. Avoid Over-Exposure to Screens

It is essential to have regular screen breaks, as it is necessary for your eyes and overall health. Over-exposure to the screen can result in digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. It is necessary to use these blue light computer glasses when working for a longer time to avoid harmful rays.

4. Avoid Loud Volume 

The previous generations grew up with the rock and roll music of the 60s and 70s. That rock and roll music can be dangerous for your hearing ability now. As you get older, try to keep the volume down and avoid listening to songs for a longer period. It is advised to take a gap every 15 minutes from the loud noises or use ear plugs to protect your ear.  

5.  Exercise your sense of smell

After crossing a certain age line, the sense of smell begins to decline. However, some practitioners advise a few methods to improve the sense of smell. One most common method is to smell around 4-6 unique fragrances including clove, lemon, roses, eucalyptus etc., every day for a few months. 

6. Exercise Daily

At older age the joints and bones get weak. To keep them in good shape it is wise to maintain daily exercise. Exercise helps avoid conditions like arthritis. Exercise also increases one’s eyesight by enhancing the flow of blood to the eye.   

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