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Our body is like a canvas and our routine is the tool that can paint this canvas. Therefore, people, especially those who desire to have bulking muscles and a perfect physique, are used to performing heavy workouts and eating nutritious food, so that they can sculpt their bodies according to their desires, and increase their stamina, and strength.

Reshaping the body through exercise and diet is one of the best but a bit hectic and time-consuming ways. However, the addition of anabolic steroids can streamline this process. These synthetic organic compounds fasten the bodybuilding process by increasing protein synthesis.  Moreover, they also help users to burn unnecessary fats and lean body mass.

Various kinds of anabolic steroids are quite popular in the world of bodybuilding. Though anabolic steroids are the synthetic form of testosterone hormone,   each steroid has a specific composition and performs a specific role. Therefore, the selection of a credible and right type of steroid is crucial to earn desired results without facing severe side effects or health risks.

Most people consider steroids to be a source of bulking muscles. While different steroids have different functions. Some are useful for gaining muscle growth, and increasing strength or stamina and some are the essential components of the cutting cycle that gives a boost to the burning of unnecessary fats. However, some anabolic steroids are multifunctional.

Various steroids are available that can be included in both bulking and cutting cycles. Though all of these are quite effective and widely used by athletes, bodybuilders, and sportsmen, the most important one is Dianabol. The reason is that Dianabol benefits are more attractive than any other steroid.

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What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is one of the highly recommended steroids by professional bodybuilders and athletes to transform your body quickly into a perfect beach physique. It not only helps you to gain massive muscle growth but also helps to cut excessive fats. Moreover, it also adds to the overall strength and stamina of the body.

Professional athletes and sportsmen consider Dianabol as a “Kickstart” steroid because it greatly increases the nitrogen retention in muscles that not only increases protein synthesis but also helps the body to perform its regular functions more effectively.

Available Form

Steroids are found in different forms like oral and injections to adjust to the needs and requirements of different customers. While Dianabol is found in both forms.

Oral Form

These are oral tablets, capsules, and supplements. They are easy to take and beginners are usually recommended to take this form. The reason is that oral tabs are easy to take and have less chance of side effects or health risks.

Injectable Form

They come in injection forms that are injected into muscles. However, they are only recommended to professional and high-level users because injecting steroids in the wrong way can result in severe side effects.


Dianabol usually comes in 10, 20,50, and 100 mg. The amount of dosage depends on the type of steroid cycle and the immunity or capability of the users to handle the after-effects of taking steroids.

Usually, beginners are recommended to take 10mg tablets per day while mature users can take 20mg tablets twice a day.

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Dianabol Cycle

All types of steroids have a specific time frame or cycle and Dianbil is also not exempt. Its cycle usually lasts from 4-6 weeks for first-time users. However, professionals can last this cycle for 8 months. The duration of the cycle can vary for different doses.

After completing one steroid cycle a resting period of at least 8-12 months is essential to recover the normal hormonal balance in the body. The reason is that during the steroid cycle normal hormone production is suppressed by the steroids.

Benefits of Using Dianabol

  • It increases nitrogen retention in the body which is crucial for protein synthesis.
  • It lowers estrogen production and limits the production of adipose tissues that can add to the unnecessary fats. Therefore, they help in burning fat.
  • They increase the production of red blood cells that are responsible for the supply of oxygen to all body parts. When cells and tissues get more oxygen they perform better and increase the overall strength of the body.
  • It increases the estrogen level and is used to cure puberty delay in males.
  • It is also used in the medical field to treat muscle injuries and various other diseases.

Where to Get Legit Dianabol?

Buying legit steroids at economic rates is quite a daunting task. The reason is that steroids are legally banned in most countries to buy without a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, most online stores buy them in the black market at extremely high rates. However, selecting SteroidsFAX, the number one online store to buy steroids can help you to avoid such scammers.

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SteroidsFAX will provide you with high-quality Dianabol buy online services at economic rates. Moreover, they will also provide you with quick, accurate, and doorstep delivery. Therefore, you can buy legit Dianabol from this platform without going through any stress.


Whether you are looking for a bulking steroid to gain iron-man-like muscles or searching for an effective ingredient to add to your cutting cycle, Dianabol is a perfect choice. You can use this guide to know everything that you need to know about Dianabol before adding it to your steroid cycle.  However, make sure to consult with your doctor before using it because not every steroid is suitable for everyone.


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