EA FC 24 Founder Status and Nintendo Switch Thrilling News!

EA Sports FC 24 is ready for the Nintendo Switch

With the use of Frostbite in the Nintendo Switch edition of EA SPORTS FC 24, EA will include more game modes, including Ultimate Team, than ever before. Players of EA SPORTS FC 24 on the Nintendo Switch will be able to enjoy crucial modes for the first time, such as Champions, Rivals, and Squad Battles, as well as Evolutions & Objectives that reward you for participating in matches. If you’re ready to improve your EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team, feel free to buy FC 24 boosting services here! With EA Sports FC 24 boosting services, you can compete at the highest levels!

EA is pleased to announce that they will release ‘All Seasons and Campaigns’ for EA SPORTS

FC 24 on Switch as a result of these developments. This implies more campaigns for current Switch gamers as well as more content within those campaigns than you would have seen in Ultimate Team.

Switch players will still have their own separate transfer market, and this is how the rest of the markets will be:

  • Nintendo Switch Transfer Market: Nintendo Switch
  • PC Transfer Market: EA Play App, Steam & Epic
  • Shared Console Transfer Market: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

FC Founder Status

EA SPORTS FC 24 is introducing a new and exciting feature called Founder Status, designed to recognize and reward players who participate in the game’s launch. This special distinction is only available at the beginning of EA SPORTS FC 24, making it a unique opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Once you become a Founder, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges that will enhance your gaming experience, both in the current version and in future iterations of the game.

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To obtain Founder status, all you have to do is log into EA SPORTS FC 24 using your EA account and connect to EA servers by November 1, 2023. By doing so, you will automatically receive this prestigious status. As a Founder, you’ll be treated to a personalized loading animation that sets you apart from other players. Additionally, you’ll receive a special Founder badge that will be permanently associated with your account, showcasing your unique status in the game and beyond.

There’s more! Founders will also be rewarded with in-game bonuses to kick start their Ultimate Team campaign in EA SPORTS FC 24. These rewards will give you an early advantage and help you build a formidable team right from the start. It is not confirmed yet but leaks are saying that only Fut Founders will receive some starter packs, so if it is confirmed, don’t miss out on it if you are eligible!


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