Ensuring Objectivity in Recruitment through Online Skills Testing

Many businesses around the world have been experiencing rapid growth due to innovations. Aside from technological advancements, some companies have also experienced the development of a recruitment process.

As the traditional method of recruitment slowly becomes irrelevant, now businesses have been reaping the benefits from psychometric skills testing. Aside from making the recruitment process go smoothly, the testing can also be useful to measure the candidate’s long-term potential.

In this article, we will explain how important psychometric online skills testing is to support the recruitment process.

Understanding The Definition

Now, let us first understand the concept of psychometric testing. Do note that psychometric tests have been use not only for recruitment but also for career counseling and personal development.

However, most people would consider it most effective when used for recruitment as it can help to enhance the process. It covers several important areas of recruitment, which may give employers better insight into what the candidates are truly capable of.

Similar to skills testing, psychometric testing consists of logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and situational judgment. The result of this testing is the assessment of abilities, intelligence levels, and personal traits of each and every applying candidate.

The assessment of emotional intelligence and communication skills is also useful to predict how good someone is at adapting to their organization and job role.

Why Many Companies Use Psychometric Testing

The reason why many businesses start integrating testing into their recruitment system is because testing can make the process run quicker as it will take less time and effort to do it. The testing, however, usually acts as a supplement to the skills testing that is pretty common in most companies.

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Before doing the psychometric skills testing, the candidates will have to go through the administration process first. The HR department will review their applications and resumes and conduct interviews based on the results. During the process, psychometric testing can be use at several crucial points, like during the screening or before the interview.

Aside from simplifying the recruitment process, psychometric testing is often consider to be a useful strategy as the kind of information it may offer is more insightful and detailed compared to the average candidates’ interviews or the other more conventional methods.

For example, one of many assessments that can be obtaine from the testing is about the aspect of personality. This result can be useful to measure how the candidates would communicate with their fellow workers and their ability to work in harmony to achieve the company’s goals.

Emotional intelligence, on the other hand, is useful to measure someone’s stress management, motivation, and conflict resolution.

Another important assessment that’s a part of this testing is to know about someone’s personality. This is essential as the companies want someone who’s capable of handling their to-be role. Other than that, the personality test may help the company to put the candidates in their most suitable spots.

Different from the other types of testing, psychometric testing is not really tie to interviews. As you probably know, many people are reluctant to do the interviews for particular reasons. They might have the mental block to do it or simply not too confident about it.

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Therefore, this testing may eliminate the reliance on interviews as it offers mostly scenario-based questions. The candidates will have enough time to give the answers that are true to them without having much stress in doing so. Plus, the interviewers may also gain a better idea of each candidate by listening to their responses.

Seeing how each and every factor is important, it’s not weird to say that psychometric testing is considere one of the most effective strategies for recruitment. The employers may use less time and effort to do it, while the candidates won’t have much trouble in following the procedures.

However, do note that overdoing the testing may present risks instead of benefits as warned by many experts in the industry. For example, overusing the aptitude tests can make the candidates more stressed out due to the lack of variation.


The online skills testing can indeed be beneficial for so many people. By doing the online psychometric tests, both the employers and candidates can feel the advantages. However, as there’s a risk of overdoing the test, it’s highly recommend that companies integrate the testing into their system better by having a better understanding of the goals and the purposes.

That way, they can use the psychometric testing as a supplement instead of a replacement. It will result in more effective recruitment, and eventually, the company can hire more professional individuals.

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