Epic Books: How it is Beneficial?

What is Epic?

Epic is an American kids’ membership fee reading and learning platform. It offers entrees books and videos for children ages 12 and under.  The service can be used on desktop and mobile plans. Epic Books was founded in 2013 by Suren Markosian and Kevin Donahue and founded in 2014. Indian educational skill company Biju acquired Epic in July 2021 in a cash and stock deal worth 500$ million.


Books are available in ready-to-me and audiobook formats and include both non-fiction and fiction titles, covering subjects and themes such as STEM, language arts, social science, history, music, art, science fiction, and DIY. Headings and series include BIG NATE, Garfield, Warriors, and The Chronicles of Narnia series. Books are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and French and include bilingual choices. The Epic app offers modified approvals based on a child’s reading level and interest.

Why do teachers benefit from Epic?

Teachers benefit from the library of books on Epic because, in schools without enough books, students can check out eBooks online for reading for fun or about specific topics and themes. Teachers can see just like parents can, what books the students are taking and their progress. Even better Epic is free for teachers when school is actually in session.

EPIC Books Use for Kids

1. I like the “Read-To Me” option because it lets kids survey along with the text while reach the words. The Secret Class Original I listened to included sound effects and a full cast of characters.

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2. Epic Books for Kids offers taped book options too.

3. Epic is free for teachers so students can read more and earn classroom reward ideas.

4. Every time you click on a book you are told the age range Epic reading level and valued reading time if it includes a quiz and summary. This is helpful data to decide if it’s in your interest and ability level.

5. Wherever you stop reading Epic marks your place so if you want to pick the book back up you can start from where you left off.

6. Epic accounts for the time it took to read a book. Good for parents to make sure kids do not skip to the end and read a chapter book in 30 seconds, but not accurate if you leave your browser or app open since it will show you took eight hours to read a few pages.

Does Epic offer a special type for teachers and educators?

Yes, An Epic School service is offered for free to elementary school teachers and librarians. Head to and sign up using your teacher’s email. The Educator version of Epic is intended for use in brick-and-mortar elementary school classrooms or school libraries only. If your school is now remote learning, you can still use Epic with your class during school hours.

How to create students’ profiles on Epic?

There are two types to add new student profiles:

1. Add them manually

2. Import them through Google Classroom.

A- Add students’ profiles manually:

1. Login to your Epic teacher account

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2. Click on Roster

3. Choose Add Student or Create Profile and type in your data

4. Click on Add Student.

B- Add student profiles using Google Classroom

1. Log into your Epic teacher account

2. Click on Add Students

3. Select Import Google Classroom

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