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Equithy Global, a CFD brokerage firm, is the subject of scrutiny in this review. Offering a range of financial services, Equithy Global’s features encompass banking on the blockchain, a comprehensive news channel, a trading platform, varied account types, educational materials, a referral program, and accessible 24/5 customer support. The platform’s banking on blockchain service facilitates secure and transparent financial transactions, while the news channel ensures clients stay informed about market trends. 

With a user-friendly trading platform, diverse account options, and educational resources, Equithy Global caters to a broad spectrum of investors. The inclusion of a referral program fosters community growth. Notably, their focus on customer support, available 24/5, enhances user assistance. Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of Equithy Global’s services and functionalities in this comprehensive review. Review- Advantages of the Firm

Banking on Blockchain

In this review, one of the firm’s standout services is “banking on blockchain,” reflecting the growing shift towards digital finance. Embracing the excitement surrounding the digitalisation of the financial world, Equithy Global offers a solution that emphasises speed, efficiency, and inclusivity in payment options through blockchain technology. By opting for banking on blockchain, users gain access to a more streamlined and future-oriented financial experience.

For those interested in securing a long-term advantage through blockchain banking, Equithy Global provides the opportunity to acquire a personal private wallet for deposits. To initiate the process, users can easily reach out to the support staff through email at [email protected]. This service positions Equithy Global at the forefront of innovative financial solutions in the digital era.

News Channel

This review sheds light on Equithy Global’s noteworthy service – the news channel, a feature designed to keep clients well-informed about market trends and financial developments. Recognising the increasing importance of staying abreast of relevant information in the dynamic financial landscape, the firm’s news channel offers a comprehensive platform for users to access timely updates and insights.

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The news channel is tailored to provide valuable information that aids investors in making informed decisions, aligning with Equithy Global’s goal of empowering its user base.

Trading Platform

Equithy Global offers a web-based trading platform, providing users with convenient access to financial markets across various devices with an internet connection, eliminating the need for software installations. The platform stands out for its speed, ensuring seamless trading experiences for investors. The web-based nature allows users to effortlessly access the dashboard and execute trades on the go, enhancing flexibility. 

Equithy Global’s emphasis on user convenience is further reflected in the platform’s synchronisation with market time, set to GMT +0. This ensures accurate timing for users engaged in trading activities. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, the company’s trading platform aligns with the modern trader’s needs, offering a straightforward and efficient tool for navigating the complexities of financial markets. review – Account Types

In this review, the account types offered by Equithy Global cater to a diverse range of investors, allowing them to choose an option that best meets their financial goals and preferences. The available account tiers include Basic with a minimum deposit of $200, Silver requiring a $10,000 deposit, Gold with a $50,000 minimum, Platinum for those aiming at a $100,000 deposit, and the VIP tier, which necessitates a $250,000 commitment. 

Each account type comes with its set of features and benefits, providing users with the flexibility to select an option that suits their trading style and investment capacity. This tiered approach reflects Equithy Global’s passion for accommodating a broad spectrum of investors in their pursuit of financial success.


Educational Materials

This part of the review explores Equithy Global’s passion for user education through a comprehensive array of educational materials. With a focus on empowering investors, Equithy Global offers a range of resources, including e-books, FAQs, a Glossary, and an Asset Index. These materials serve to enhance users’ understanding of financial markets, trading strategies, and the diverse range of assets available for investment. 

The e-books provide in-depth insights into various market concepts, while the FAQ section addresses common queries, fostering a better grasp of the trading environment. The inclusion of a Glossary ensures users familiarise themselves with key financial terms, contributing to a more informed trading experience. Additionally, the Asset Index offers valuable information about available assets, facilitating strategic decision-making for investors exploring Equithy Global’s platform.

Referral Program

Equithy Global introduces a referral program as part of its user-centric approach, providing an opportunity for clients to benefit from their network. Participants in the program can leverage a unique referral link, earning Equithy Global cash rewards by inviting friends to join the platform. The referral program offers lucrative incentives, with the chance to earn up to $25,000 per referred friend and an additional 10% from each cash deposit made by the referred individual. 

Notably, the referred friend also receives a 5% reward on all deposits to their account after utilising the referral link. With a minimum referral amount set at $1000, Equithy Global’s referral program creates a mutually beneficial environment, incentivising users to expand the platform’s community through their network connections.

24/5 Customer Support

In this review, a notable aspect of the platform’s user-oriented services is its 24/5 customer support. Individuals can rest assured that any questions or concerns they may have will be addressed swiftly and efficiently by the firm’s friendly and knowledgeable support team. The availability of multiple contact options, including an online form, a dedicated phone line at +442037691590, and email addresses at [email protected] and [email protected], ensures accessibility and convenience for users seeking assistance. 

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The 24/5 customer support reflects the company’s emphasis on providing a responsive and quick service, acknowledging the importance of timely support in the fast-paced world of financial trading. This customer-centric strategy improves the entire experience on Equithy Global’s platform. Review- Disadvantages of the Firm

Limited Dialect Options

The website currently supports only the English language, potentially limiting accessibility for users who prefer other languages.

No Chat Room

Equithy Global lacks a dedicated chat room feature, which might be a drawback for users who value real-time communication and interaction with other members of the trading community. Review- Ending Remarks

In summary, this review provides an insightful overview of Equithy Global’s services, encompassing blockchain banking, a comprehensive news channel, a user-friendly trading platform, diverse account types, educational resources, and a referral program. Readers now have a balanced understanding of Equithy Global’s offerings, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their unique preferences and requirements in the financial market.

Disclaimer: This article is crafted to provide information only, without advocating for any specific financial action. The author does not assume liability for the actions of the company discussed or for the accuracy of the information provided. Readers are reminded that financial decisions should be made based on a comprehensive analysis of their personal situation, not solely on the content of this article. The website and its contributors are not responsible for any financial losses or damages incurred as a result of using this information.

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