Essential Features to Consider When Choosing K9 Vehicle Inserts

K9 Vehicle Inserts are vital to police departments. They optimize police vehicle functionality, streamline operations, and reinforce the bond between officers and canine partners.

These valuable members of the force work just as hard as their human counterparts. They need to travel long distances, endure hot weather, and be ready for deployment immediately.

Rattle-Eliminating Design

Many K9 vehicle inserts, such as what you can buy at shops like are prone to squeak and rattle. These annoying sounds may lead to lower customer satisfaction and increased warranty costs for vehicle manufacturers. The best way to prevent these noises is to avoid them during the design phase of a product. The most effective way is to eliminate possible vibration sources during hardware testing. This can be done by evaluating the bearing size, lubrication, and assembly methods to determine their impact on relative motion between parts.

In addition to reducing vibrations, proper part stiffness is important in eliminating squeak and rattle. Increasing the stiffness of a component increases its first resonance frequency, which reduces vibration at engine idle and road excitation frequencies. However, the stiffness of a part must be balanced with other properties such as strength and cost.

Trim-Fitted Design

Unlike off-the-shelf wire cages, these K9 transport units are form-fitted to the specific vehicle model. This allows them to maximize space in the back seat while keeping your canine companion comfortable and safe. A custom-designed door panel offers your dog a watchable window to look out of, and a side window is equipped with a fan that kicks in if the weather gets too hot. Additional design elements include a front sliding emergency door and a rear drop window for quick and efficient cleanup. A pattern of air holes decorates the front panel, and an exchangeable plate featuring your agency’s name, department, and canine’s name is included. A splash-proof pan extends from the bottom to eliminate messy spills, and a rounded scoop design makes it easy to wash your canine companion.

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Infinite Locking Points

In the wake of the death of Riverhead police K-9 Rocky, questions have arisen about how to keep dogs safe while they’re in vehicles. While the answer might seem obvious — use a harness just like a seat belt, for instance — it isn’t necessarily appropriate for all cases.

One way to ensure the safety of K-9s is by having their police cars equipped with canine inserts, which look more like cages than seats. These inserts, made from solid aluminum, offer several locking points to secure the dog and feature built-in water bowls. They also have a window pan formed out of heavy-duty.125-mill finished aluminum that extends from door to door, so there are no gaps for the dog to get their paws or legs trapped in.

The canine transport is an integral part of a police department’s K-9 unit, so investing in high-quality equipment that will last for years makes sense. These inserts are also a great option for private owners, whether professional K-9 handlers or regular pet owners, who must transport their dogs on business.

Ideal Visibility

K9 transport inserts provide optimal visibility for both the canine and the officer. They are crafted from high-quality materials that make them durable and easy to clean. They are also a great way to prevent your dog from being distracted or thrown around while traveling. They can even drop a rear window to let your K9 out of the vehicle in an emergency.

Nothing is more frustrating than chasing down a suspect and then having them disappear into the woods or darkness. When this happens, it is important to know that there are things you can do to improve your chances of catching the bad guys. First and foremost, no backup officers are walking around trying to find the suspect before the K9 arrives. This puts the suspect at an advantage because they can see you moving and believe they will be caught.

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Another way to maximize your chances of capturing your suspect is to follow standard Felony Stop procedures. If you need help with what to do, ask the K9 handler for assistance. They will be able to inform you of what your department permits regarding crowd control.

Low Floor

K9 vehicle inserts feature a low floor that sits just above your law enforcement vehicle’s original rear seating area. This helps reduce noise and vibrations, making the kennel more comfortable for your canine partner. It also makes the kennel easier to clean.

Some models even have a perforated ceiling so OEM air conditioning vents can blow into the kennel. This can help keep the kennel cool, which is important for comfort and safety.

Many of these units also come with a heat alert system. This helps CPOs monitor the temperature inside their police vehicles and sends them a text message if it gets too hot.

Some manufacturers offer a black finish for these K9 transport systems, which helps to reduce glare during the day and headlight reflection at night. This can help prevent stress in the canine during transit. Other options include window guards and door panel protectors. They can be affixed to the front sliding emergency door and locked into place using a secure spring-loaded system.

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