Evita By Hiliving Royal Review

Places in Chennai are a true beauty and to explore them I need a permanent home here. Recently I came across one of the best projects in Chennai Evita By Hiliving Royal in Madhavaram. There are multiple places in Chennai that I want to visit and now that I’m here I’m planning to be here for a good period and for that I need a home. Evita By Hiliving Royal was the first place I had in mind cause I’ve heard about the place multiple times. The project is about to be completed in 2026. 

The place layout was nothing less than a palace which had a great design and vision. From discovering it online I knew everything about the place and how the surrounding area is and that’s one of the reasons I chose the place. Before coming to Chennai I just wanted to view some beautiful places but now being here I need a home and it can only be possible if I manage to get a home at a reliable price. My job wants me to keep visiting places and every city I live in. I want a home there. Now that I’ve invested in this project let me tell you how I got to know about this. 

How did I get to know about Evita By Hiliving Royal in Madhavaram? 

As a working individual, I wanted a home in Chennai and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted it or not but when I started looking online I came across this property which was near Madhavaram, all luxurious and beautiful. The layout spoke a lot to me and I was convinced that let me try my luck here and get a home here. 

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As you know dealing in real estate is a hard task and there are many elements you need to look down to firstly the price which is around ₹60.59 Lacs – ₹1.09 Crores, there are multiple options like 2 and 3 BHK, The project has 6 Buildings – 226 units which means there would be less people around that’s another great thing about this property. Everything was so spontaneous and it came together well.  

The layout of the project is quite good and everything looks surreal from its surroundings to its facilities everything was just perfect. To make it more interesting, there are facilities like you’ve never experienced before. The bungalow-type apartment has a spacious area and a cool aura all around. 

Amenities At Evita By Hiliving Royal

There are multiple benefits of my being here firstly the place was cool, the place is Behind Velammal New Gen School 

Madhavaram. Evita By Hiliving Royal is based in Thapalpetti, Madhavaram, Chennai and the layout and project are inspired by Spanish architects which means I can enjoy a new lifestyle in the Spanish way. The place is 8 min close to KVT Multispeciality Hospital which is a good element for any emergency. It’s close to Thiruthangal Nadar College and the connectivity is good as well. 

With the changing view of the apartments I want to settle for something that stands out to me and I was pretty ready for what I want from this home by booking Evita By Hiliving Royal I can enjoy my stay in Chennai whenever I like. The place is quite beautiful and now that I have a home here I can enjoy my stay for a very good period of time. 

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The residential isn’t just luxurious, it has all the features I’m looking for. I get Indoor Games for Leisure and Recreation. There’s a State-of-the-Art Gym for Fitness Enthusiasts and people who just want to be healthy. There’s a Steam Sauna Oasis for Relaxation and Rejuvenation which I can enjoy when I’m stressed out. If you want to host a party there are Elegant Guest Rooms for Hospitality. 

I’m a big fan of entertainment and to get it right I got a Mini Theatre to watch movies of my choice. For overall wellbeing there’s a Rooftop Yoga Area. For a get-together, we get a Club Lounge for Social Gatherings and Networking. There’s an Exquisite Banquet Hall for Special Occasions where I can celebrate and throw some parties. 

All of this for an affordable price was nothing less than a dream. 

Now this place is good for all my activities. 

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