How Car Roof Racks Enhance Your Travel Experience 2023

The pressure from everyday life’s responsibilities and demands often culminate in physical and mental stress, necessitating downtime to recharge. Traveling is among the most effective ways to unwind, as it facilitates rejuvenation, inspiration and productivity, and even healing.

A road trip is among the most fulfilling traveling experiences; one statistical report shows that approximately 85% of Americans are planning a road trip this summer.

However, on the flip side, road trips typically feature plenty of luggage that can be cumbersome. That is where car roof racks come in.

Keep reading to establish how car roof racks can enhance your travel experience.

1. Increase Cargo Space

Traveling is good for the mind, body, and soul. Carrying personal items from home is a great way to elevate the experience by comforting and instilling a sense of security.

Additionally, carrying road trip essentials, including travel snacks, coolers for water and beverages, and change of clothing, helps you save the time and money you would have spent purchasing stuff along the road. However, the flipside to saving time and money is you and your travel companions generate too much luggage.

According to a consumer report on cargo room by vehicle model, most road trip-worthy vehicles, including minivans and SUVs, have cargo space ranging from 34 to 74 cubic feet. The space estimates translate to at least three suitcases, four suitcases, and three duffel bags, depending on the trunk’s size.

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Most road travel experiences require travelers to carry over four suitcases and a duffel bag. However, a car roof rack like a roof basket can allow you and your travel companions to pack more luggage and have all your essentials on your road trip. Most roof racks accommodate up to 165 lbs of luggage to supplement the cargo capacity in your car’s trunk or hatchback.

2. Makes Transporting Large Outdoor Gear Easy

No authentic road-traveling experience is complete without stopping along the road to interact with nature and enjoy some outdoor activities like cycling and camping. But the problem is that most outdoor gear is challenging to transport because it does not fit inside car trunks and hatchbacks.

Forcing oversized loads like outdoor gear inside a car trunk creates vehicle overhang and upsets the vehicle’s weight distribution making driving significantly more challenging.

While the US Department of Transport sets the maximum overhand limit for vehicles on the road at 4ft, the car overhang laws vary across states. Therefore, you may find yourself in legal trouble that ruins your travel experience due to the minor avoidable issue of a car overhand.

Installing a car roof rack can eliminate the overhand challenge and still carry your favorite outdoor gear. Specialized roof racks designed to carry specific gear like bicycles and surfboards are available and make loading and offloading the gear easy.

Besides, roof racks for outdoor gear allow you to save the money you would have otherwise spent renting gear along the road.

3. Ensures Luggage Safety

Luggage safety during a road trip covers protection against theft and damage. Car roof racks help protect your car from both potential hazards.

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First, most car roof racks, like the roof box and flatbed racks, feature integrated locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to the items stored inside. Other roof rack designs feature elements that support padlocks, allowing you to purchase and install the padlock you consider most secure for your luggage and outdoor gear.

On the other hand, the roof racks also feature robust fastening systems that secure the luggage in place. Such fasteners keep your luggage steady throughout the journey, preventing the outdoor gear and other delicate items from sustaining damage during the journey.

4. Help In Even Weight Distribution In The Vehicle

Equal weight distribution in a vehicle is crucial to safe driving for various reasons. First, a 50:50 weight distribution between the car’s front and rear gives the tires equal grip on the road. Tire road grip is the friction generated between the two surfaces, and a higher, more evenly distributed grip gives the driver better vehicle control, particularly while braking.

The weight on top of the vehicle evens out with that in the track, which is better than an overhang.

Second, the weight distribution in a vehicle affects how fast a vehicle can accelerate and decelerate. Vehicle acceleration and deceleration are crucial in preventing rear-end collisions while driving. Therefore, car roof racks improve the vehicle’s weight distribution, inadvertently increasing the occupants’ safety.

5. Offers Comfort During Travel

While traveling to various destinations is rejuvenating, the journey to the destination is equally important. Therefore, being comfortable during your journey is crucial to maintaining a healthy posture and mood.

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So, how does a car roof rack enhance comfort during travel? First, it facilitates luggage distribution between the trunk and the room, eliminating the need to adjust the car seats to accommodate more luggage. Therefore, the vehicle’s occupants can enjoy more legroom as they travel.

Second, in the absence of a roof rack, the only other option is putting luggage in the seat cavity. However, a roof rack ensures the seating cavity remains exclusively for passengers.


A car roof rack is an invaluable car accessory, ensuring you stay comfortable and avoid unnecessary expenses during the journey. In this guide are some ways roof racks can make your traveling experience amazing.

So, if you are yet to install a car roof rack on your vehicle, you have five good reasons to purchase and install one.

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