Who is Ju Jingyi? Age, Bio, Sibling, Movies & TV Shows

Who is Ju Jingyi?

Ju Jingyi is a Chinese actress, singer, and dancer. She is first-rate known as a former member of the Chinese idol lady organization SNH48, where she became ranked first in the annual General Elections in 2016 and 2017. She graduated from SNH48 in 2017 to attention on her solo profession.

As an actress, Ju Jingyi has starred in some popular dramas, which include Legend of Yunxi (2018), The Legend of White Snake (2019), and Rebirth For You (2021). She has also received numerous awards for her performance, such as the Best Actress award on the China Canada Television Festival Award for her overall performance in Legend of Yunxi.


NameJu Jingyi
BirthdateJune 18, 1994 (age 29)
BirthplaceSuining, Sichuan Province, China
OccupationSinger, dancer, actress
Years active2013–present
CompanySTAR48 Culture Media Group


Ju Jingyi was born on June 18, 1994. She is presently 29 years old.


Ju Jingyi is a Chinese singer, dancer, and actress. She is the only infant of her mother and father, so she has no siblings.

Early profession

Ju Jingyi was born in Sichuan, China, in 1994. She started her career as a trainee for the idol institution SNH48 in 2013. She debuted as a member of the organization’s 2nd era in 2014.
In 2016, Ju Jingyi debuted as a solo singer with the discharge of her first mini-album, “Everyday”. She also starred in her first TV collection, “Novoland: The Castle within the Sky”.

Rise to repute

Ju Jingyi’s recognition grew in 2017 when she starred in the historical romance drama “Legend of Yun Xi”. The collection became a massive success, and Ju Jingyi was praised for her overall performance.

In 2018, Ju Jingyi starred in two greater hit dramas: “The Legend of White Snake” and “In a Class of Her Own”. She also launched her second mini-album, “The Time of Falling in Love”.

Continued achievement

Ju Jingyi’s success has persisted over the years, given that. She has starred in several famous dramas, along with “The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion” (2020), “Rebirth for You” (2021), and “Beauty of Resilience” (2023).

She has also released numerous more albums, such as “The Age of Falling in Love” (2019), “The Time of Growth” (2020), and “The Time of Love” (2022).

Awards and Nominations

2016SNH48 General Election1st place
2017SNH48 General Election1st place
2018Tencent Video Star AwardsLegend of YunxiMost Popular Actress
2019Golden Bud – The Fourth Network Film and Television FestivalThe Legend of White SnakeBest Actress (Web Drama)
2020Weibo NightMost Popular Actress


Title: Beauty of Resilience

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Beauty of Resilience

Year: 2023
Genre: Historical Romance
Synopsis: Wei Zhi (Ju Jingyi) is a robust and unbiased girl determined to live her existence on her own terms. She defies the expectations of her society by pursuing her dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Along the manner, she falls in love with the prince, but their courting is forbidden.

Title: Love Under the Full Moon

Year: 2021
Genre: Romance fable
Synopsis: Lei Chu Xia (Ju Jingyi) is a lady from ancient China who travels to the future. She meets Xu Xiao Dong, who’s determined to assist her. Together, they must discover how to ship her return to her own time.

TV Shows

Title: The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

Year: 2020
Genre: Historical Romance
Synopsis: Fu Rong (Ju Jingyi) is a younger lady compelled to emerge as a concubine. She makes use of her intelligence and attraction to navigate the treacherous international of the palace harem.

Title: Legend of Yun Xi

Year: 2018
Genre: Historical romance, comedy
Synopsis: Han Yun Xi (Ju Jingyi) is a skilled health practitioner and a professional poison maker. She is forced to marry the prince, who is rumored to be bloodless and heartless. However, she regularly discovers his real man or woman and that they fall in love.

Title: The Legend of White Snake

Year: 2019
Genre: Historical delusion, romance
Synopsis: Bai Suzhen (Ju Jingyi) is a white snake spirit who falls in love with a human guy, Xu Xian. They get married and have lived happily together for decades. However, their relationship is threatened whilst an effective sorcerer tries to seize Bai Suzhen.

Title: In a Class of Her Own

Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy, faculty drama
Synopsis: Xue Wenxi (Ju Jingyi) is a beautiful and clever student who transfers to a new college. She quickly becomes popular along with her classmates and instructors. However, she also makes some powerful enemies along the manner.

These are only a few films and TV shows Ju Jingyi has starred in. She is a skilled actress who has played a huge variety of roles. Her popularity continues to grow, and she is one of the most sought-after actresses in China these days.

Physical Appearance

Ju Jingyi has a small, oval face with fair skin. She has large, expressive eyes and a protracted, narrow nose. Her lips are complete and pouty. She has lengthy, darkish hair that she often patterns in different ways.

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Ju Jingyi is likewise recognized for her slender discern. She is 5 toes and 3 inches tall and weighs about 99 pounds. She has a flat belly, lengthy legs, and toned fingers.
Ju Jingyi’s style experience is fashionable and sophisticated. She often wears clothes and skirts that intensify her figure. She additionally loves to wear rings and add-ons that complement her outfits.

Social Media Coverage

u Jingyi is a popular Chinese actress and singer with a massive social media following. She is thought for her splendor, expertise, and fashion sense. Her social media posts regularly generate loads of engagement from her lovers.

On Weibo, Ju Jingyi has over 50 million followers. Her posts commonly acquire hundreds of lots of likes and remarks. She often posts pictures and videos of herself, her paintings, and her travels. She also makes use of her platform to promote social reasons and to hook up with her fanatics.

In addition to Weibo, Ju Jingyi is also lively on different social media systems, including Instagram and Twitter. She uses those platforms to share one-of-a-kind content with her enthusiasts, consisting of behind-the-scenes photographs and movies, one-of-a-kind content, and her thoughts on modern activities.


  • Ju Jingyi’s pastimes encompass:
  • Watching TV
  • Dancing
  • Dazing off
  • Eating spicy food
  • Playing the violin and piano
  • Playing the guzheng
  • Ballet
  • Taekwondo
  • Reading
  • Listening to song
  • Traveling


  • Food: Hot pot, Starbucks, highly spiced food
  • Colors: Pink, white, black
  • Animals: Cats, plushies
  • Hobbies: Watching TV, dancing, dazing off, analyzing
  • Sports: Yoga, swimming
  • Music: Chinese opera, historical dramas, pop track
  • Books: Novels, biographies, records books

Recent Projects

Ju Jingyi is a Chinese singer, dancer, and actress. She is referred to as a former member of the Chinese idol female institution SNH48. As a member of SNH48, during the annual General Elections, she became elected as No. Four (2014), No. 2 (2015), and No. 1 (2016).

Ju Jingyi is currently filming the TV show Flower Picking Order, which is scheduled to air in 2023. She is likewise set to be a celebrity in the upcoming movie The Beauty of Resilience, which is scheduled for launch in 2023.

Net really worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, Popularbio, and Various Online sources, famous Pop Singer Ju Jingyi’s internet worth is $11 Million at the age of 29 years.

Unknown matters approximately

  • She is an educated ballet dancer.
  • She is a talented singer and songwriter.
  • She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and English.
  • She is a professional cook and enjoys baking.
  • She is a bookworm and enjoys studying in her spare time.
  • She is a philanthropist and supports many charitable companies.
  • She is a role version for lots of young humans in China and around the world.
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Ju Jingyi has in no way publicly shown having a boyfriend. However, she has been rumored to be relationship with some special human beings through the years.

In 2018, she was rumored to be dating Chinese actor Zhang Zhehan. They were spotted together at numerous events and have been even seen kissing in a single picture. However, neither of them ever showed the connection.

In 2020, she was rumored to be relationship with Chinese actor Guo Junchen. They starred collectively within the TV display Beauty of Resilience and were regularly visible together off-display. However, there is no concrete proof that they were in a relationship.

In 2023, she is rumored to be dating Chinese singer and actor Caleb Burton. They were seen together on several activities and featured images of every different on social media. However, they’ve not publicly confirmed their relationship.


Who is Ju Jingyi?

Ju Jingyi is a Chinese actress and singer who gained repute as a member of the Chinese idol woman institution SNH48. She was born on June 18, 1994, in Sichuan, China.

What is Ju Jingyi regarded for?

Ju Jingyi is understood for her profession in each song and performance. She gained recognition through participating in the Chinese idol group SNH48 and its subunits. She has additionally acted in numerous TV dramas and movies.

When did Ju Jingyi be part of SNH48?

Ju Jingyi joined SNH48 in 2012 as one of the authentic members while the group turned fashioned. She quickly became one of the maximum popular individuals in the group.

What are some of Ju Jingyi’s incredible works in appearing?

Ju Jingyi has appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies. Some of her remarkable works include “The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion,” “The Legend of White Snake,” “Xiao Zhan’s Day Day Up,” and “The Untamed.”

Is Ju Jingyi nonetheless lively in SNH48?

As of my know-how cutoff date in September 2021, Ju Jingyi was nonetheless lively in SNH48. However, please be aware that group lineups and participants’ sports may trade through the years, so it is beneficial to test the ultra-modern information for updates on her reputation.


Ju Jingyi is a Chinese actress and singer who rose to prominence as a member of the idol lady group SNH48. Known for her talents in each music and appearance, she has won a sizeable fan following in China. Ju Jingyi has participated in several TV dramas, films, and tune tasks, both as part of SNH48 and as a solo artist. Her recognition and contributions to the entertainment industry have earned her awards and popularity. While she became lively in SNH48, as of my closing understanding in September 2021, I advise checking the contemporary news and sources for the most up-to-date records on her career and activities.

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