Line Production Guide to the Ulanzi Video-Go Tripod


Are you sick of shaky, fuzzy films that blot out your flawless shot? The Ulanzi Video-Go Tripod is your best option if you want to capture film that is steady and looks professional. Their most recent tripod, which weighs 1.46 kg against 1.1 kg for the Zero Y model, gives filmmakers and photographers the extra stability they need for their line production. It is excellent for compact cameras and tiny system cameras with a range of lenses since the tripod’s head can sustain a maximum weight of 3 kg and the tripod itself can withstand up to 20 kg.

It is simple to balance your camera without having to change the legs thanks to the half-bowl ball heads’ 360-degree rotation and the base’s pan and tilt capability. It has a maximum height of 146 cm and a minimum height of about 13 cm. We’ll go over everything you need to know about using the gadget for line production. This tutorial will enable you to produce spectacular outcomes whether you are an experienced or beginning filmmaker.

The Ulanzi Video-Go Tripod’s Features

It might be challenging to spend money on high-quality equipment, but the gadget delivers outstanding value. It is a valuable addition to any videographer’s toolkit due to its feature-rich design, robustness, and adaptability.

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1. Solid Construction for Steady Shots

The gadget is built to resist the demands of outside shooting because its sturdy design offers stability on uneven terrain, enabling you to take clean, steady photos even in difficult circumstances. This tripod will support you whether you’re filming in a hectic city or the beautiful outdoors.

2. Numerous Mounting Methods

The adaptability of the Ulanzi Video-Go Tripod’s mounting choices is one of its distinguishing qualities because it has a built-in universal 1/4-inch screw mount that works with a variety of cameras and gadgets. This gadget is your all-in-one answer for DSLRs, cellphones, and action cameras.

3. Height & Angle Adjustments

With this gadget, getting the ideal shot angle is simple. With its changeable height choices, you can quickly go from shooting from the ground to eye level. You won’t miss a moment thanks to the seamless panning and tilting capabilities of the 360-degree ball head.

4. Portable & Compact Design

This gadgets portable design is a game-changer for multimedia producers on the road. It can be easily transported in your backpack or camera bag because it folds down to a reasonable size. This gadget won’t make you uncomfortable whether you’re shooting in your area or going to far-off places.

5. Integrated Monopod

With a few straightforward changes, this adaptable gadget can operate as a tripod as well as a monopod. For circumstances where a tripod would not be practical, such as busy events or confined locations, this capability is tremendously helpful.

6. Durable Materials

The gadget is made from premium components that are built to last a lifetime because it’s an investment in your future as a content producer, not just a tool for the here and now. For many more shots to come, you can bet on its longevity.

7. Rapid and simple setup

When you’re in the field, time is of the importance, and the gadget is cognizant of this because of its fast-release flip locks, setup is rapid, enabling you to concentrate on getting the ideal image without being distracted.

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Price List

On October 12th, the Ulanzi Video-Go tripod will be available for purchase straight from the Ulanzi website and in a few European stores:

1. For 259 euros you can get the Ulanzi video-go tripod including an Arca head

2. For 279 euros you can get the Ulanzi video-go tripod including a Cloak head

3. For 299 Euro you can get the Ulanzi video-go tripod including an F38 head

Instructions for Maintaining the Ulanzi Video-Go Tripod

1. Cleaning the Tripod Legs

Cleaning the legs on a regular basis is one of the easiest yet most efficient methods to preserve your gadget because over time, dust, grime, and debris can build up and damage the tripod’s stability and fluid motions. The legs and joints should be cleaned gently with a soft brush or a microfiber cloth. Make sure there are no blockages in the locks and hinges by paying special attention to them.

2. Greasing Moving Components

Lubricating the working elements of your gadget is crucial to maintaining the smoothness of its pan and tilt motions so the pan and tilt mechanisms should be lubricated with a tiny quantity of tripod-specific oil. Don’t lube your vehicle excessively because this will just attract more dirt and filth.

3. Tighten Screws That Are Loose

Always inspect it for loosened screws and nuts because these fasteners can eventually become loose due to usage and vibrations, which will reduce stability. Any loose parts should be gently tightened using a screwdriver or the suitable equipment.

4. Taking Care of the Feet

The feet frequently come into close touch with a variety of surfaces, including rocky and soggy landscapes so take into consideration adding rubber or spiked foot coverings to prevent them from damage. These add-ons improve stability on various surfaces while also extending the life of your gadget.

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5. Tripod Head Cleaning 

The head should be cleaned often to keep dirt and grit from impairing its performance so lean the head with a soft cloth after using a blower brush to remove any loose dirt.

6. Proper Storage

Your gadget should be kept clean and dry whilst not in use because it can sustain damage over time if left out in excessive humidity or temperature. A specialized tripod backpack or case could be a good investment for extra security when traveling.

7. Consistent Inspection

At regular intervals, give your gadget a thorough examination by looking out for any wear indicators like frayed wires or fractured parts. Make sure to correct any problems right away.

8. Upkeep of the video slider

Make sure the video slider on your gadget is kept clean and oiled by using a specific slider lubricant and clean the rails and slider carriage to maintain smooth motion.

9. Making Use of a Tripod Dolly

Use a dolly for smoother panning & tilting to save the strain on your tripod’s legs and joints. You can easily capture more cinematic shots thanks to it as well.

10. Checking for Updates from the Manufacturer

Maintain up-to-date with any manufacturer-provided upgrades or maintenance advice because they could provide recommendations or advice that is particular to your model.


Ulanzi created a hidden storage space with a built-in screwdriver within the grip. Detach the handle, unscrew the handles’ end to reveal the concealed blades, and then slide a blade into the handle’s opposite side to access this useful tool that is always ready for use. Unquestionably, adding this gadget to your line production toolkit will up your videography game. Say good-bye to shaky amateur video and hello to captivating films produced by professionals.

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