Mass Torts and Personal Injury: Cases and Consequences Across the USA

Mass torts and personal injury lawsuits play a very important and significant role in the US legal world. Both of these involve individuals who are seeking compensation for the harm they are allegedly caused by the other party. These, although are different when it comes to their details.

A personal injury lawyer however can help you get out of the toughest legal battles when it comes to personal injuries.

It is really important to know what these two are in order to know the course of action used in both of these cases. So, let’s see how these two are different and how they are alike at the same time from each other in nature.

Mass Torts

Mass Torts include the civil actions that are taken by numerous parties against one or a few corporate defendants in the state or federal court.

Some Notable Cases

Pharmaceutical Litigation

It can be the manufacturers being sued for the alleged side effects of their drugs. The example can include lawsuits over Zantac and opioids.

Environmental Torts

The disasters that occur at a large scale can lead up in causing mass torts just like the Michigan Water Crisis.

Asbestos Litigation

Companies that have used, installed, or used asbestos products have faced thousands of lawsuits from people who developed illnesses such as asbestosis or mesothelioma.

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The Consequence of Mass Torts

The consequences in the case of mass torts are way more serious and bad if compared to personal injury cases.

Companies are scared to be facing billions in liability which can lead to some of them filing for bankruptcy.

One more thing about moss torts is that they can be seen ending in settlement or solid establishment of compensation funds. The standards of the industry however are seen to be impacted by the moss torts and the regulations as well.

Personal Injury

The personal injury as compared to moss tort is something revolving around an individual who has gone through an injury due to some negligence of some other individual.

Now, what can these look like actually? These can include car accidents to even the slightest of falls and slipcases.

Notable Cases of Personal Injury

It is better to go through some cases regarding personal injury. Some of the notable cases of personal injury include:

Tobacco Litigation

While a lot of times considered as mass tort, individual personal injuries have also been issued against tobacco companies for health-related issues.

Hot Coffee Lawsuit

A renowned lady after having some hot coffee soiled on her sued a big food chain and suffered from third-degree burns. She was awarded millions of dollars at first then was reduced the amount.

The Consequences of Personal Injury

The cases regarding personal injury often end up in setting better standards for safety, responsibility, and negligence. These can also lead to changes in corporate behavior, and products, to prevent future injuries and even policies.

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There is also good news for the successful claims that provide compensation to the injured parties for the medical expenses, the pain, suffering, and the lost wages.

Consequences on the US Overall

Regulatory Alterations

When all such cases arise that are mentioned above, the regulatory bodies can tighten the regulations to make sure public safety which can lead to changes in the industry.

Economic Consequences

These lawsuits besides the parties being involved leave a ripple effect throughout the economy. The employees, shareholders, and consumers care about the ones who can be looking at these consequences firsthand while experiencing them.

Financial Impact

Companies can go through substantial financial burdens that can even lead to filing bankruptcy or experiencing huge dips in stock values.

On the other hand, the con can flip too. The law firms that have their forte in this part of the field can make significant financial benefits for themselves.

Public’s Vision

The cases mentioned above, especially the ones that are more publicized, can impact the public perception of the industry or just a company. This can be understood better by the tobacco litigation that impacted people’s perception regarding smoking and also led to stricter rules for advertising. So, the consequences can sometimes be really impacting. Even more than expected.

It is not at all easy to fight all the lawsuits and get the needed compensation in the United States. It does get a little difficult and tricky and can have serious consequences. 

However, the systems are not the very best at what they do; the combination of mass torts and personal injury can have their own impact on the checks and balances of the corporate world, its behaviors, and the safety of the public. So, it is always best to know the different consequences of both mass torts and personal injury before anyone claims for them. Also, it is directed toward both the firms and the claimants.  

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