Step By Step Process Of Getting Accurate Construction Estimates

Accurate Construction

How to Get Accurate Construction Estimating Services

Accurate construction estimation is not an easy task. However, it is very important to run your business against your competitors. Owners and stakeholders in commercial and residential construction projects require proper assessment to compete in the construction market. It is necessary for project planning, resource allocation, streamlining the process, and feasibility analysis during project development. Therefore, precise construction estimating services are something one must acquire to get into the top tiers of construction businesses.

Moreover, Construction estimating companies help you decide your budget by providing efficient construction takeoff services. Follow the article to learn more about estimating work.

What are construction estimation services?

Construction estimating services are the complete process of getting cost estimations for your project through professional and expert estimators. Construction estimating calculates the costs required for the project, such as direct costs, including labor, materials, and equipment. Moreover, it also estimates indirect costs such as contingency and business administration. These estimates help owners and contractors understand budget requirements and how to allocate them. Professionals and expert estimators know the details of the project and use the right tools and experience to obtain these estimates for construction estimating services. Moreover, they are well aware of material prices, building codes, and other factors. In this blog, we will share the techniques and processes they adopt to provide accurate construction estimating services.

Furthermore, it is essential for contractors and teams working on the project to plan the budget and allocate resources accordingly. Without construction estimating services, the owners cannot finance the project and resources correctly and on time. Such delays can be costly and lead to project failure. Therefore, a contractor can have an estimate to bid better and access more projects to boost the business and earn profit.

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Step-by-step process for getting accurate construction estimates

The following process is reliable and used by experts in construction estimating companies to obtain more accurate estimates. Moreover, the accuracy of the estimates depends on how well you can use the process, the right tools, and the required experience. Go through the process below:

Step I: Analyzing the Details

Project review and analysis of details are critical. To understand the project idea, you must obtain contracts, bond forms, agreements, and architectural and engineering designs or drafts. This step will consume your time, but it is essential to have a strong understanding of the project to move further. They contact the owners and contractors to get details on different types of work, such as MEP, HVAC, and other building services. They Gather proper measurements and details out of sketches; the efficiency of this process highly depends on the details of drafts. If the drafts are inaccurate or lack proper, valid information, it will lead to inaccurate assessments. By the end of this stage, you should be able to narrow down the work requirements from documents and formwork packages such as labor and materials packages, etc.

Step II: Define Scope

In this stage, you must visit the site to get a physical look at the construction site. The comprehensive details acquired by this analysis include the location and condition of the site area. Local area details, local contractors’ working methods, and trends they follow are also part of this document. You need to check the site and determine if it needs extra work, such as poor drainage, lack of access, and poorly located utilities, which may add cost in the implementation phase. Moreover, you need to check for local rules and regulations and the availability of labor, materials, and equipment for construction. Afterward, you should be able to define the scope of work for stakeholders, which again requires efficient construction estimating services.

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Step III: Perform Takeoff

Counting each item and performing the material takeoff using the right tools and techniques is an essential step that cannot be done manually. Therefore, you should consider digital takeoff using software such as Planswift, etc. You might want to know why construction estimating companies prefer PlanSwift for construction takeoff solutions. The answer is proper material takeoff and accuracy. In materials takeoff, you must calculate the quantity, area, volume, and length of the construction site and building blueprints. It is crucial for wires, doors, concrete, etc. This would give you a bit of quantity and an itemized list of activities and materials. Furthermore, you can divide the work into work packages to assign it later accordingly and count each item accurately.

Step IV: Determine Labor, Materials, and Their Availability

In this step, you need to determine the material requirements. After checking the prices and quality of the materials and the vendor’s behavior in the local area, you should check the prices and vendors in the area. Moreover, you need to determine material price fluctuations, waste, and quotes. On the other hand, you need to determine the equipment and how to get it (purchase, rent, etc.). Consequently, find out the labor hours, specialty labor, wages, taxes, and union fees. As an estimator, you should count and calculate the cost associated with employing labor and material availability.

Step V: Add indirect costs and get an estimate.

Construction estimating services must add overhead or indirect costs such as business administration charges, site cleaning and temporary offices, permits and software fees,  equipment costs, or any other related costs. Construction estimating services should also add insurance and contingency costs for unexpected scenarios so your estimate doesn’t hurt the project’s or contractor’s profit. Finally, add the profit margin and get the estimate. Present your estimate to clients and other contractors and get feedback to increase its accuracy.

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Accurate construction estimating services are crucial for determining the project cost, issuing finance, studying feasibility, and allocating resources to streamline construction activities. In this blog, you will learn about the process experts use and help get an accurate construction estimate. This estimation is essential for bid winnings; you should get one before entering any competition.

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