Top 10 USA Companies to Find the Best Dedicated Flutter Developers

Flutter is widely used for building cross-platform applications. Flutter can operate even within a single codebase while rendering the native codes on the platform. Nowadays, many startup founders are looking for cost-effective mobile app development. 

These are significant options for accelerating product time-to-market. The dedicated flutter developers have the extensive skills and experience to create native-like applications faster. Flutter apps especially comply with Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and other platforms.

Why choose Flutter?

Normally, Flutter provides the highest set of APIs and tools for streamlining and creating mobile apps. The powerful framework is completely based on Dart, an in-house programming language from Google. Flutter leverages Material Design language with high-end interactive UIs. 

Based on a recent report, more than 78% of Flutter developers have been using the stable channel. Below is the list of top Flutter app development companies in the US for kick-starting the project successfully.

  1. Flutter Agency:

The Flutter Agency is the leading Flutter app development company in Florida, USA, for building cutting-edge and innovative apps. These use the highly advanced Flutter framework for creating mobile and desktop apps. 

Flutter Agency collaborates closely with clients to understand unique needs. It will be suitable for creating applications that boast exceptional functionality. Flutter Agency has a broad portfolio of completed Flutter app projects, and these are optimized for the clients. Flutter Agency is well versed in providing the following list of services as

  • Flutter mobile app development
  • UX/UI design
  • Web development
  • Product design and development
  1. Cleveroad:
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Cleveroad is the leading software development company located in the US. Cleveroad offers cross-platform Flutter app development for clients at affordable rates. Cleveroad boasts extensive expertise across mobile app development with Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android). 

Apart from these, Cleveroad also builds the perfect solution for diverse industries. These include retaining the team of Flutter developers to serve clients across various sectors such as Healthcare, Sports, Finance, and more. Cleveroad provides end-to-end software development services that focus on the customizable app.

  • Software development
  • Mobile app development (cross-platform and native
  • MVP development
  • Legacy software modernization
  1. Vention:

With 3000+ flutter developers continuously developing mobile app applications, Vention is the leading company in New York, USA. Top Flutter app development company has a highly experienced team that offers the best services. Vention has provided wonderful services, including Flutter apps, blockchain, AI, and IoT solutions.

  • Flutter development
  • Web development
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Tech consulting
  1. Nyoka:

Nyoka is a high-end technology services company providing wonderful Flutter development. The US-based company is located in Los Angeles. Nyoka Flutter is also known for having the best expertise in Flutter development, as it is one of the popular open-source UI software development toolkits. A team of skilled Flutter developers also excels in bringing high-performing and visually appealing mobile applications.

  1. SolveIt:

SolveIt comprises Flutter developers for startups and SMBs in the United States. The leading company also keeps the expert completely updated with high-end Flutter app development. You could easily expect a high-performing app with the best visual interfaces. SolveIt’s team delivers on-time results within the budget range.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • MVP Development
  1. Mindinventory:
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MindInventory is the leading Flutter app development agency for helping many startups in the US. The company offers high-end app development services starting with consulting, designing, and more. A team of talented Flutter developers at MindInventory understands the needs of startups. Expert focuses on developing user-friendly and scalable apps. Services offered include

  • Mobile app development
  • Unity development
  • UI/UX design
  • Game development
  1. BrainMobi:

Brainmobi is a reliable Mobile App Development Company in the US providing app development services based on Flutter. Brainmobi especially uses the high-end expertise in Flutter to design and develop feature-rich native apps. These support rich native UI with less development time. 

Flutter developers are also experts in leveraging the best architecture by implementing more methods for ensuring a fluid user experience. Experienced, passionate, as certified developers provide best-in-class mobile apps based on Flutter. Brainmobi Fully focuses on UI/UX design to the greatest extent.

  1. Blue Whale Apps:

Blue Whale Apps is a leading web and mobile app development company in the US for providing top-notch UI & UX Design. The expert team has over 14 years of experience in complete mobile app development based on Flutter. Blue Whale Apps offers clients out-of-the-box solutions with an easy understanding of the business performance levels. 

The team is represented by experienced Flutter developers in the United States. Blue Whale Apps has worked across various industries, such as Healthcare, Event Management, Marketing, Patient Monitoring, and more.

  1. Geekbears:

Geekbears is known for its expertise in Flutter, blockchain, IoT, and more. These involve many other emerging technologies, including thriving mobile and web app development. 

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The team has a passionate team of software engineers, strategists, and project managers. Flutter developers believe in uniting skills to develop business solutions and achieve the client’s business objectives. 

Some of the services include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Development
  • QA, Automation, and DevOps
  • Flutter app development
  • UI/UX design
  • Web app design and development
  • App security
  1. BitCot:

BitCot is one of the leading flutter app development companies in San Diego, USA. The team has been offering the best flutter app development services, especially for building iOS and Android. The team is expertise in Flutter app development with developing hybrid mobile apps. 

These are also suitable options for creating an impressive user experience with ensuring the end user for getting feature-rich mobile apps. Flutter developers have experience developing apps across various industry domains. These help clients expand their business as well as increase the ROI.


Choosing the best Flutter app development company with proven expertise in building mobile apps for startups and SMEs is important. Skilled and dedicated flutter developers deliver great apps with engaging and intuitive designs. Flutter developers broadly use the advanced framework for cross-platform app development.

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