Top four funniest moments in Grand Theft Auto V


The Grand Theft Auto series is a rich source of comedy. In this article, we will discuss the funniest moment that happened in Grand Theft Auto V. For this purpose, we will be seeking the most entertaining incidents from Grand Theft Auto V gameplay.

Top funniest moments in Grand Theft Auto V

  • In a GTA account, many types of incidents happen. There is a list of hilarious moments in the series GTA, but some of them are as follows:

1. Friend request (Grand Theft Auto V)

The franchise of Grand Theft Auto all the time had the ability to copy the American lifestyle, and it is never this obvious than in the mission in which Michael is sent to invade the Life invader’s HQ, Facebook’s Rockstar version, and the further Silicon Valley firms. Although, such a mock of Big Tech is very funny, as he visits the office, which is filled up with beanbags along with arcade cases, and assists an unskilled programmer cleaned porn through his device.

However, he plants an explosive in an archetype telephone and later views it on television as the CEO discloses it worldwide. His head is subsequently blown off when Michael dials the number.

2. Switch scenes of Trevor (Grand Theft Auto V)

Well, shifting over the on-the-fly among the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V was a good mechanic, and the company of Rockstar went far away by involving many hilarious incidents. However, these are the scenes of Trevor really overcoming, as long as we allow him to do all of this crazy stuff.

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Of all these crazy things, some of the craziest include Trevor waking up after the bender and facing the consequences of his action. Such consequences can be waking in the dumpster, throwing up in the spring, and walking around the roads in a dress. 

3. Risk assessment (Grand Theft Auto V)

“Freaks and Stranger” side missions are somehow weird, although the encounters between Franklin and this abnormal dog are specifically odd. The two missions in which Franklin has to assist an unskillful adrenaline addict start when they start running on the side of a road at a Labrador, who woofs to be the point of attraction. 

However, the barking of dogs can inexplicably be understood by Franklin, and the statements get highly complex, from a person who is jammed in the tree to “ethics” being a “human construct.” However, gamers with GTA-modded accounts will have the same enjoyment from these incidents as others with ordinary ones.  

4. We Are Woman (Grand Theft Auto V)

Well, it is a wild-ride cut scene from beginning to end. In this, Franklin’s aunt Denise is giving off one of her libber “spirit walks” just as Franklin gets home. At the same time, Trevor shows up and asks them to be quiet, for only getting his sweets directly just after he slipped on the fence and then into Franklin’s front yard

Although, like everybody enjoying, Franklin cannot assist but can only laugh hard, which Trevor, being irresistible, does not take warmly, either. Moreover, Franklin says sorry to quiet his anger, but this technique does not work well with him, as he quits and punctually knocks on some randomly coming guy on the road. This is an excellent example of Trevor blowing up the handle as the most hilarious method possible. 

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All aside, if a gamer is playing with a GTA 5 modded account, this enjoyment and pleasure can be increased with enhanced and upgraded features, including expensive property, weaponry, and vehicles.

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