What is the Dubai Trip cost From India in 2023?


Dubai is a gorgeous city that is popular for family vacations and honeymoons. The city offers a blend of traditions, culture, and modernity with a dash of opulence mixed to it with travellers. It is a dream getaway for honeymooners and vivid travellers. From iconic skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and more to pristine beaches of the man-made island, Palm Island, has so much to offer to tourists. The city offers unforgettable experiences to tourists. It is important to decide your budget and Dubai Trip Cost from India before you plan your vacation.

In this article, we have covered the cost of basic things in a Dubai trip, like flights, accommodation, food, roaming around, and more, to help you plan your budget. All-inclusive Dubai Tour Packages can help you remain on your budget. So, now let’s check all the pricing details. 

Factors Affecting Dubai Trip Cost from India

1. Flights

Flights are the major part of Dubai Trip Cost. The price for a flight varies from airline to airline. It is generally based on various factors like travel season, booking time, airline, booking-travel period, and more. From India, there are numerous direct flights to Dubai. The average flight cost for the return trip from India to Dubai would cost around INR 20000 to 40000 per person.

2. Visa

To visit Dubai, Indian visitors must first apply for a Dubai visa. Dubai Trip Cost from India also includes visa cost, which is based on the type of visa you are applying for. The cost for a single entry tourist visa starts from INR 3500 and goes up to around INR 15000 per person. It is based on number of days you want to stay. There are 48 hours, 96 hours, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days tourist visas.

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3. Accommodation

Hotel stay cost is a major part of the cost of a Dubai trip from India. Dubai offers an extensive range of accommodation options to travellers. Be it budget-friendly hotels you are looking for or want to experience extreme luxury here, you will get everything. Here is an estimated accommodation cost for a couple and family for a week-long stay in Dubai-

– For a Couple

Budget Hotel: The Dubai Trip Cost from India for Couple for a mid-range hotel is around AED 600-1200 per night for two. If you plan your vacation for 07 days, you will be spending around INR 70000 to 85000 only on your accommodation in Dubai, as a couple.

Luxurious Hotel: If budget is not a problem for your Dubai Trip Cost from India, you can you’re your stay in any of the luxurious hotels in the city. The price for such a hotel ranges from AED 1300 to 3000 per night for a couple. Indulging in a luxurious experience for a week in Dubai will cost you around INR 2,15,0000 to 4,30,000 for 07 day stay for a couple.

– Accommodation costs for a family

For a family, a stay in a budgeted hotel in Dubai would cost around AED800-1500 per night. A family of four will spend around INR 1,15,000 to INR 2,00,000 on their Dubai Trip Cost from India for the family on hotel accommodation for 07 days. Dubai Trip Costs from India for families will go above INR 3,00,000 if they choose a luxury hotel for their stay. Serviced flats or homestays are also fantastic options for family trips.

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4. Roaming Around

The transportation system in Dubai is efficient. You can travel across Dubai through the metro, which is the most convenient option. If you book a taxi, your Dubai trip cost would go way higher than travelling by metro or any public transport.

5. Eating in Dubai

The culinary experience in Dubai must not be missed at any cost. Make sure you have a dedicated budget for your Dubai Trip Cost from India to food. For a 07-day Dubai trip, you will spend around INR 25000 per person on meals.

6. Seeing around Dubai

Dubai offers a plethora of places and things to tourists. It provides some of the best experiences on the planet. One must include Entry fees and other expenses in Dubai Trip Cost from India for the family while planning their budget. Here is an estimated cost you will spend while exploring famous Dubai attractions-

  • Burj Khalifa: While entry to Burh Khalifa is free, you need to buy a ticket of around INR 3000 per person to experience Observation Deck on the 124th and 125th floors.
  • Desert Safari: Don’t miss this activity while planning Dubai Trip Cost from India budget. The price for a desert safari starts from INR 3000 per person.
  • Dubai Mall: Dedicate a fair share of the budget to this place. While the entry is completely free, you will spend on entertainment and shopping without even realising it.
  • Theme Parks: Include theme park ticket in Dubai Trip Cost from India for family while planning. The ticket to these parks ranges from INR 3500-8000 per person.
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These are the factors affecting Dubai Trip Cost from India. Hence, when planning your Dubai trip keep these things in mind. If you are on a tight budget, it is important that you choose Dubai trip packages since they cater to every budget and need. For more details, reach out to Roaming Routes.

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