Who is Toni Stone? Bio, Early Life, and Career


Toni Stone, born Marcenia Lyle Stone on July 17, 1921, turned into an American professional baseball player who broke racial and gender limitations in the game. She changed into the primary lady to play often on an American principal-league expert baseball group, becoming a member of the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League (NAL) in 1953.

Stone’s baseball career began in her teens, playing for numerous semi-expert teams in the Midwest. In 1946, she signed with the San Francisco Sea Lions of the West Coast Negro Baseball League (WCNBL). She quickly hooked up herself as a talented player, recognized for her velocity and power.

Who is Toni Stone?

Toni Stone, born Marcenia Lyle Stone on July 17, 1921, became an American expert baseball player who made records because the first lady to play frequently on an American primary-league expert baseball team. She joined the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League (NAL) in 1953, breaking down racial and gender limitations in the game.

Born in West Virginia and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Stone advanced a love for baseball from an early age. She performed with boys in her neighborhood and excelled in numerous sports activities, such as basketball, football, and tennis. Her ardor for baseball led her to sign up for semi-expert teams in the Midwest, showcasing her skills and resolution.

In 1946, Stone signed with the San Francisco Sea Lions of the West Coast Negro Baseball League (WCNBL), making her mark as a professional 2d baseman and shortstop. Her athleticism and fielding prowess caught the eye of baseball scouts, opening doors to possibilities in higher-level leagues.

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Early Life

Toni Stone, born Marcenia Lyle Stone on July 17, 1921, in Bluefield, West Virginia, was a pioneer in the world of baseball, breaking down racial and gender boundaries to come to be the primary female to play regularly on an American main-league professional baseball crew. Her formative years were marked by means of ardor for sports, a sturdy painting ethic, and a willpower to triumph over demanding situations.

Stone’s circle of relatives moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, when she was ten years old. From an early age, she exhibited a natural athleticism and a love for sports, mainly baseball. She often performed with boys in her community, incomes the nickname Tomboy for her tomboyish methods and her desire for sports activities over traditional female sports.

Stone’s athletic skills extended beyond baseball. She excelled in basketball, football, track and area, and even ice skating. Her mom, at the same time as supportive of her daughter’s athletic pursuits, endorsed her to pursue greater ladylike activities, such as determine skating. However, Stone’s coronary heart became set on baseball.


Toni Stone was born on July 17, 1921, and handed away on November 2, 1996. As of these days, November 17, 2023, Toni Stone might be 102 years old.


Toni Stone had two sisters and a brother. Their names were not publicly disclosed.

Personal Bio

NameToni Stone
Nick NameToni
Father NameWilla Maynard Stone
Mother NameMarcenia
Date Of Birth17 July 1921
Birth PlaceMinnesota
ProfessionBaseball Player

Physical Status

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight60 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Chest Size36 Inches
Waist Size28 Inches


Toni Stone’s baseball profession was marked by groundbreaking achievements, perseverance, and a passion for the sport. She faced several challenges as a girl in a male-dominated game, but her talent and resolution earned her a place in baseball history.

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Stone’s love for baseball began at an early age, and he or she performed with boys in her community. Her skills and passion led her to join semi-professional groups within the Midwest, which include the Twin Cities Colored Giants. In 1946, she signed with the San Francisco Sea Lions of the West Coast Negro Baseball League (WCNBL), turning into the first woman to play professionally in the league. Stone’s talent persisted to blossom in the Negro Southern League (NSL), wherein she performed for the New Orleans Black Pelicans and the New Orleans Creoles. In 1951, she made the Negro League All-Star group, showcasing her skills and income popularity amongst her friends.

Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Toni Stone isn’t always publicly regarded, she probably earned a modest income from playing baseball at some point in her career. As a girl in a male-dominated recreation, she faced demanding situations in phrases of pay and recognition. However, her passion for the sport and her dedication to prevail saved her motivation.


Toni Stone’s effect on baseball and on society as a whole is plain. She turned into a groundbreaking pioneer who challenged societal norms and paved the way for destiny generations of woman athletes. Her tale is considered one of braveness, perseverance, and a deep passion for the game of baseball.

Stone’s legacy extends beyond her super baseball career. She became a position version for aspiring girl athletes and an image of the combat for gender equality. Her tale continues to inspire and inspire people worldwide to pursue their goals and ruin down limitations.

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