Revolutionizing Efficiency: The Power of GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet management is one of the departments that has benefited from the advancement of GPS technology. Before GPS, fleet managers would call their drivers to know their locations. If you try those antics nowadays, you will be out of business quickly.

These days, every fleet manager uses GPS to monitor and manage their vehicles. The technology has proved effective, and companies boast better leverage in their resource management.

Since technology entered the motor vehicle industry, many companies continue to embrace it. The same happens to service providers, who provide different packages depending on customer requirements. For effective fleet management, find out why GPS tracking is the best way.

Understanding GPS Technology and Fleet Management

In modern times, GPS technology and fleet management are inseparable. Since 2001, companies have started using it commercially in vehicle tracking, and a series of developments have revolutionized efficiency in the fleet management business.

The development of integrated GPS fleet tracking software by companies like RAM tracking has seen many companies utilize them to manage their resources optimally.

With the increasing cost of doing business, more companies are expected to utilize technology to assist in managing their fleet. According to statistics, GPS fleet tracking increased by 8% in 2020. The trend is expected to improve even further since the companies using the technology have helped in positive ROI reporting.

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What Are the Basic Features of GPS Fleet Management Tracking System?

GPS systems offer more than vehicle tracking. Usually, it is a comprehensive system that integrates various features to enable seamless fleet management. Some of the basic features you can expect include;

  • GPS fleet tracker
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Fuel management
  • Alarms and notifications function
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Trip and mileage analysis
  • Digital documentation

Why Use GPS Tracking in Fleet Management?

No doubt, using GPS tracking brings tons of benefits, some of which are explored below.

 1. Enhanced Vehicle Safety and Security

As a freight company, you can only enjoy the safety of your vehicle if you can track each of them in real-time. This is only possible if you use a fleet management with GPS tracking capabilities.

Security-wise, it’s possible to know the location of each vehicle. Therefore, if there is any instance of vehicle or cargo theft, it’s easy to notice. The fleet manager or the app detects route diversions, prompting immediate action.

Regarding safety, modern GPS tracking software offers more than location, whereby you can view other drivers’ actions. It’s possible to view live driving speed, which is essential in accident prevention. Using the driver behavior analysis, you can deduce when to plan driver seminars depending on their driving habits.

 2. Reduced Operation Costs

On average, fuel takes up to 60% of the fleet companies operating revenues. However, a slight price increase can lead to a huge impact on the business revenue. It is, therefore, important to monitor fuel usage to reduce the overall operational cost.

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If you want to prevent fuel overuse, the best solution is to look for a reliable GPS tracking company. It allows you to monitor the distance traveled, average speed, and idling time, which directly impact fuel usage. Through data, it’s easy to make adjustments and optimize fuel use.

 3. GPS Tracking Boosts Efficiency

Most fleet management and tracking software are loaded with helpful functions to simplify the process. One of the handy features of this software is route planning. It is easy to choose the shortest delivery routes, hence saving significantly.

As tracking companies incorporate more advanced features like AI technology and predictive analytics, automating most of the functions will be easy. Therefore, you can optimize all your fleet routes with a click. Additionally, through live reporting, companies can boost delivery time efficiency.

 4. Improved Fleet Management

Working with properly functioning vehicles improves productivity and efficiency. However, scheduling vehicle maintenance can be tricky without management software. The tracking software for vehicle tracking provides insightful data, which is essential in scheduling vehicle servicing.

Usually, the vehicle servicing relies on engine hours and mileage. All these parameters are easy to monitor using GPS fleet management software. Thus, instead of waiting for all vehicles servicing time to elapse, you can schedule preventive maintenance. Consequently, your company will avoid downtimes due to frequent breakdowns, which can be costly.

5. Tracking Results in More Customer Satisfaction and Transparency

Improving your customers’ service is easy when using tracking services to manage your fleet. Especially when running a delivery company, you can always use the GPS software to prioritize fulfillment depending on the urgency.

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Usually, prior planning and active vehicle monitoring can ensure the companies accurately predict the delivery times. With accurate timing, engaging customers proactively is easy, which helps build an enhanced customer experience.

Besides proactive communication, the company can use GPS tracking data to settle customer disputes. This leads to increased transparency, which also improves the CX.

6. Improved Decision Making

Making decisions based on real-time data helps companies gain better leverage in the industry. Companies using GPS tracking benefit from this since the data is always streaming. Usually, companies can decide on the number of vehicles to deploy depending on the available work.

Companies also use real-time tracking data to address emergencies. For instance, in case of hurricanes, wildfires, and other hazards, managers can alert their drivers in affected areas and reschedule the routes.


Undoubtedly, you can’t compete in your business without embracing technology. GPS fleet tracking is one of the indispensable tools that every business involved in logistics, supply, deliveries, and other freight services should adopt. Above all, getting reliable vendors like RAM tracking will ensure you remain on the top of the table.

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